Canta Arya is committed to sharing its  music with those less fortunate. This academic year  included fundraising for the music
training programs in both South Africa and Zimbabwe. As part of the Collaboration with Providence Manor, recitals and music lessons were held every month at the Manor to the appreciation of residents, families and care givers alike.

Sharing the firm belief that music performed with others for others is a step to bringing harmony to the world, the Canta Arya community  nurtures musical community through its many recitals and concerts.

“I do not know how to begin to tell you how much I loved the concert on Saturday and how much I appreciate the musical opportunities you have given Sonja and all the other students you teach. Once again I was totally incredulous at the level of expertise that those kids displayed in their playing. . So thank you – and know that you have made a significant difference in the lives of many children.”

– Cindy M